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October 17-20, 2013

Vito Ranieri & Stefania

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Vito Ranieri and Stefania Errede, in art “Vito y Stefania” are one couple with 100% Italian passport. Class, elegance, perfect technique, expression of body, speed, beauty…this the element who distinguish this dancer. They teachs and performs in more of 20 different country around the world including Spain, Germany, Italy, Israel, Korea, India, China, France, Greece etc.

Vito y Stefania rapresents Italian class around the world.
They are:
- European Salsa Championship 2009
- 1st Runner Up at Asia Open Salsa Championships 2011 (Hong Kong)
- 1st Place at Rome Salsa Festival 2007
- 1st Place at Rome Salsa Festival 2008
- 2nd Place at World Salsa Meeting
- Semi Finalist at World Salsa Championship in Miami- Usa 2009
- Semi Finalist at 1st World Latin cup in San Diego-California 2010

Vito y Stefania boast numerous shares in Italian and International Television and their style is characterized by a perfect mix with latin ballroom and salsa n.y style with cleaning and speed.

Stefania is a professional Latin Ballroom Dancer :
- 1st Place at International Open Championship 2001
- 1st Place World Superstar a Salsomaggiore Terme
- 1st Place at Italian Latin Ballroom Championship on 90 Couple.

Vito is a professional dancer incuding arts as Latin Jazz, Tango, Hip Hop and Modern Jazz, Latin Ballroom .His choreography are characterized by an highly dynamic, a strong musicality and a precise study of rhythmic. He Founded in 2007 the “ Latynword Academy ” that is Located in Noicattaro (Bari).

Vito y Stefania...Italian Class in The World

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