Latino Fest Prague

October 17-20, 2013

Marcel & Klaudia

Thu, 06/21/2012 - 00:00 -- latinofest
local instructor

Marcel Jurec

I learned with great dancers Prague (Ruben Peguero, Martina Anton, Mandy Valdés, Angelo Repilado, Monika Rebcová, Sofia and Carlos da Silva, Ivan Balogh). My perception and feeling of salsa is closer to Cuban style, although I tip hat to all great dancers. Over two years, together with Petra we act as a dance duo TANZA. I oneself devote fourth year to teaching and education of promising talents as well as hopeless non-talents. And, of course, I am a regular visitor of Prague's most salsoteques.

Klaudia Krajewska

Deeply involved in dancing since the age of 6, when she joined the best Polish amateur Folk Dance Group “Harnam”. High level of professionalism of a dance-group, the contact with the best Polish choreographers and teachers, performances in Poland and abroad, influenced the future choices.

In 2001-2002 while being in the USA she became attached to salsa. During years 2004-06 she participated in workshops in Switzerland (Bern, Zurich), and regular dance classes in Australia with El Moro (Sydney).

The stay in Cuba, both in 2006 and 2009, was an important step in the professional career. She mastered her dance skills in the best Cuban dance school in Havana (led by Marisuri Garcia), and also learnt from the teachers of Conjunto Folklorico.

Since 2006 she worked in her own dance studio Salsa Stars, as well as in various dance schools (mostly in Lodz, Poland).

At the moment also co-writes at - the only musical blog in Poland, which concentrates on the modern Cuban music and trends.
A decision on further development of salsa movement in Lodz resulted in founding “Salsa Stars”, which brings together passion, professionalism, love for music and dance.

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