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October 17-20, 2013

Familia de la Salsa - Chris

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The Dubai-based Familia de la Salsa Dance Academy formed in 2003 by friends Royston and Chris is one of the oldest dance schools in the UAE. The Academy which started with Salsa, has grown to offer lively dance sessions to anyone who wants to dance, learn or improve. While Salsa is the favorite amongst students, Familia de la Salsa also offers a host of other classes including Bachata, Cha Cha and Kizomba.

Dancers from Familia de la Salsa perform in many cultural dance festivals within and outside of the UAE. The ‘Phantom’ themed joint choreography by Eric Lalta of the Salsa Dance Squad (Holland) and Chris remains as one of the highlights, while the Familia de la Salsa kids performance at the Dubai International Dance Festival (2009) is still talked about.

Familia de la Salsa leads groups from the Middle East when attending International Salsa shows, festivals and seminars across the globe, co-organisers the Dubai Dance Festival (DDF), Co-directs & Event management Company of the Dubai International Dance Festival (DIDF) and hosts two of the hottest Salsa nights in Dubai, Malecon Saturday Salsa Fever at Dubai Marine Beach Resort & Spa (Saturdays) and Guantanamera Latino night at Sublime, Ibis World Trade Centre (Mondays).

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