Latino Fest Prague

October 17-20, 2013

Emilson Bernardez & Caribiana

Wed, 06/20/2012 - 23:46 -- latinofest

Emilson comes from Brazil, Rio de Janeiro, Copacabana coast where he learned and later taught dancing at Alvare's dance company. Not only typical Brazil dances such as carnival and pair Samba or Zouk, but also Tango Argentino and Salsa. In 2006 he moved to Prague, where he danced and taught in a dance group called Brasil show.
Since October 2009 he intensively cooperates with dance group TRADICÓN and in July 2010 he founded dance group CARIBIANA.
You can improve also in very popular Zouk, Samba, Salsa or Argentinian Tango under his leadership.

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tel: +420 722 094 218