Melissa Fernandez

Melissa Fernandez began taking salsa lessons in February of 1999. She was so inspired by the drive and energy of the Los Angeles Salsa Community that she began studying intensely. In August 1999, she auditioned and out of 75 international applicants, she landed a spot on the Salsa Brava Dance team. Undoubtedly, Melissa's style, sensuality and passion on the dance floor has led her to become one of the world's most recognized Salsa female dancers in world. Her positivity and vibrant energy are reflective both on and off the dance floor.

During this fest she will celebrate her birthday!

Luis Vazquez

Luis Vazquez, a pioneer in the LA Salsa style, began dancing in 1992 in Los Angeles, California. He co-created Salsa Brava Productions, the first Salsa dance company in Los Angeles. Salsa Brava was one of the most respected and well known dance companies in the world.

Luis's style continues to inspire people to reach and exceed their dancing boundaries. His aura, personality and vibrant energy are contagious.

His creativity in music, costumes, routines, and stunts has taken showmanship to the next level as well as paved the way for many other dancers including Melissa Fernandez.

Super Mario
(India, UK)

Mario was born in India but moved to the UK as a teenager. In 1998, a friend took him to a salsa club where the teacher immediately saw his potential. Mario was hooked straight away and has never looked back since. Still based in London and travelling to teach nearly every weekend of the year, Mario specialises in cross body style, dancing on the 1 or the 2 and focusing mainly on moves and combinations, with special emphasis on leading techniques.

His natural talent for both producing and executing so many imaginative moves led to an invitation to teach at the first congress that he ever attended. His big break came soon after, when asked to give workshops at the biggest salsa congress in the world in Toronto, Canada.

Mario has earned himself the title Million Moves Man through his ability to create any number of unique combinations, that are lead with expertise and are always comfortable to follow. His dancing style is smooth but fast, giving him and his dance partner extra freedom to improvise.

Vito Ranieri
& Stefania Errede

Vito Ranieri and Stefania Errede, in art “Vito y Stefania” are one couple with 100% Italian passport. Class, elegance, perfect technique, expression of body, speed, beauty…this the element who distinguish this dancer. They teachs and performs in more of 20 different country around the world including Spain, Germany, Italy, Israel, Korea, India, China, France, Greece etc.

Vito y Stefania rapresents Italian class around the world.
They are:
- European Salsa Championship 2009
- 1st Runner Up at Asia Open Salsa Championships 2011 (Hong Kong)
- 1st Place at Rome Salsa Festival 2007
- 1st Place at Rome Salsa Festival 2008
- 2nd Place at World Salsa Meeting
- Semi Finalist at World Salsa Championship in Miami- Usa 2009
- Semi Finalist at 1st World Latin cup in San Diego-California 2010

Vito y Stefania boast numerous shares in Italian and International Television and their style is characterized by a perfect mix with latin ballroom and salsa n.y style with cleaning and speed.

Stefania is a professional Latin Ballroom Dancer :
- 1st Place at International Open Championship 2001
- 1st Place World Superstar a Salsomaggiore Terme
- 1st Place at Italian Latin Ballroom Championship on 90 Couple.

Vito is a professional dancer incuding arts as Latin Jazz, Tango, Hip Hop and Modern Jazz, Latin Ballroom .His choreography are characterized by an highly dynamic, a strong musicality and a precise study of rhythmic. He Founded in 2007 the “ Latynword Academy ” that is Located in Noicattaro (Bari).

Vito y Stefania...Italian Class in The World

Emilito Herrera
(Cuba, Germany)

Emilito Herrera is currently living and working in the city of Augsburg, Germany. He has won a reputation as an amusing, high-spirited dancer and instructor who can boast of an enormous talent. He surely demonstrates how he puts all his heart and passion into getting people to move to the rhythms of Latin America. Apart from Cuban Salsa in general, his specialty is Rueda de Casino. In 2007, he and his group became Bavarian champions of Rueda. In the same year he won the World Congress of Cuban Salsa held in Munich and became German champion of Rueda de Casino. He has been engaged in various projects in Amsterdam, Berlin, and Munich thus greatly contributing to the development of Cuban Salsa in Germany.

Davide Rumberito

Was born in Rome on June 19th, 1995

He began dancing in the school of Lazaro Martin Diaz when he was ten years old. For one year.

He study and danced with Maykel Fonts
At present he attends the prestigious Academy "Centro Studi Musical" of Rome. And at the Theater politeama of Prato
Where she studied ballet, modern, jazz and contemporary singing, acting...
He performed at the best salsa Congresses in the world such as the "Salsa World Festival" (Rome - Italy), the "Salsitaly" (Rieti- Italy), the “Salsa Congress” (Bournemouth- England), the “Salsorro” (Spain), the “Burgosalson” (Spain), the “Hamburg Salsa Congress” (Germany), the “Candela Salsa Festival” (Germany), the “SalsaFestival” (Switzerland), the “Japan Salsa Congress” (Japan), the “New York Salsa Congress” Los Angeles salsa congress (USA) and many others.

He dances in the best Italian latin night-clubs and for the best latin music bands like Los Van Van, Pupy, Bamboleo, Gilberto Santa Rosa, Mercadonegro, Maykel Blanco y su Salsa Major.

Roberta Piccolo

She began studying ballet and modern dance at the age of five years at the Center for Dance Movement Studies of Naples directed by Gabriella Statius, under the guidance of Head Teachers Elizabeth and Roberta Albano for the ballet, Sonia Di Gennaro for contemporary dance, Ferdinand Arenella for modern jazz dance (technique Horton, Graham, Limon, Humphrey), hip-hop. In June 2002 she obtained a diploma in jazz and Modern dance, won a scholarship to the profits reported. In June 2003 she received a diploma of completion. Since 2004 she continues his artistic work at the Regional Center of Dance, directed by Mara Fusco Lyceum.  

Klaudia Krajewska

Deeply involved in dancing since the age of 6, when she joined the best Polish amateur Folk Dance Group “Harnam”. High level of professionalism of a dance-group, the contact with the best Polish choreographers and teachers, performances in Poland and abroad, influenced the future choices.

In 2001-2002 while being in the USA she became attached to salsa. During years 2004-06 she participated in workshops in Switzerland (Bern, Zurich), and regular dance classes in Australia with El Moro (Sydney).

The stay in Cuba, both in 2006 and 2009, was an important step in the professional career. She mastered her dance skills in the best Cuban dance school in Havana (led by Marisuri Garcia), and also learnt from the teachers of Conjunto Folklorico.

Since 2006 she worked in her own dance studio Salsa Stars, as well as in various dance schools (mostly in Lodz, Poland).

At the moment also co-writes at www.timbamusic.pl - the only musical blog in Poland, which concentrates on the modern Cuban music and trends.

A decision on further development of salsa movement in Lodz resulted in founding “Salsa Stars”, which brings together passion, professionalism, love for music and dance.


Emilson Bernardes

Emilson comes from Brazil, Rio de Janeiro, Copacabana coast where he learned and later taught dancing at Alvare's dance company. Not only typical Brazil dances such as carnival and pair Samba or Zouk, but also Tango Argentino and Salsa. In 2006 he moved to Prague, where he danced and taught in a dance group called Brasil show.

Since October 2009 he intensively cooperates with dance group TRADICÓN and in July 2010 he founded dance group CARIBIANA.

You can improve also in very popular Zouk, Samba, Salsa or Argentinian Tango under his leadership.

Angelo Repilado

Angelo is grandson of Cuban music master Francisco Repilada, more known as Compay Segundo who turned into dance whole word by songs as Chan Chan. When Buena Vista Social Club is said, every expert remembers Angelo’s grandfather name.

Talented Cuban in whose dance expression are combined African-American sense of rhythm and the Latin temperament, enchanted Prague dance scene right after arriving in Prague. And no wonder. His musicality stems from the fact that he is a descendant of Cuban music giant, Francisco Repilado (Compay Segundo). Angel's aim is to teach his students to dance their heart. To teach you to listen and understand this, so rich in rhythm, music. Try to initiate you into the nuances of the natural "Latino" movement and let you discover secrets of Cuban dance soul. Part of Angel courses are in addition to the salsa rumba, quaquancó, son montuno, cha-cha-cha and Afro-Cuban folklore.


Jana Krausova

Jana began with salsa at Prague salsa clubs. In 2004 meet Angelo Repilado and start studied salsa and cuban dance and culture more intensively. Together with Angelo visited Cuba many times, where among salsa took classes of cuban rumba and folklor. Since February 2005 she has started teach salsa and cuban dance together with Angelo.

Michal Sejkora

Michal dances salsa and other latin styles since 1998. Since July 2001 he teaches them too. In February 2002 he became the vicechampion of Hungary in salsa, in popularity voting contest Prague Latin Awards 2005 and 2006 he got the title Best Salsa School and Most Favorite DJ. In 2007 with his dance group he won Casino Rueda and Latino show teams championship of Czech Republic. With his partner Katrin Žabenska from K+K Labyrint Ostrava!!! he got in November 2009 on World Championship second place in Salsa Shines, fifth place in Latino Show Teams, sixth place in Merengue, got to the final in pair Salsa. In January 2010 he participated as active member of dance club K+K Labyrint Ostrava!!! at World Championship SYNCHRO DANCE in Torino, Italy, where they got one silver, one bronze, one fourth and one sixth place.  

Martina Anton

I move in the world of dance and movement since 1997 and currently my passion, hobby and work is Salsa and other Latin American rhythms. Since 2001, I lead dance school Salsa Dance which I founded, I host dance courses and events in Karlínské Spektrum and other places in the city center. In 2008 I opened a wellness & movement studio Mirate & Salsa-Dance in Prague 1, where I also teach with a great team of instructors. I also cooperate with sports organizations, clubs, I participated in a promotional campaign Bacardi tour, Havana Club tour, Nivea tour, I teach and lead workshops at sporting events such as 2009 and 2010 Wellness Marathon at the O2 Arena, Prague Salsa Festival 2010, Summer School of Dance - Hes, Wellness Zumbathon 2010. Planned events in this year include Salsa Festival, Wellness Zumba party, Wellness Marathon, Summer dance trainings and other events.
I also organize regular events - Zumba party and Salsa workshops, summer dance camp.

Ema Brunclikova

I was born on November 11, 1986, in Prague, the Czech Republic. I started to dance around the age of fifteen. I was a member of well-known dance groups, such as Tradición grupo de baile and Brasil Show. I have experiences from various dances: Lambada Zouk, Argentine Tango, Salsa, Samba, Bachata, Merengue, Pole dance, Fire show, Cabaret dance, Ballet, Modern dance. however, the dance of my heart is Zouk, which is my passion, addiction and obsession. I have performed at many different venues and events in the Czech Republic and abroad, for instance Monaco, Monte Carlo. As a dance instructor I have worked for Holmes Place fitness center and other dance schools in the Czech Republic and I also organize my own dance classes and workshops with international Zouk stars (Adilio Porto, Mafie Zouker).

Jana Zitkova

Jana danced ballet, modern and jazz dance for 5 years and for last 4 years she has been dancing intensively afro-caribbean styles: salsa, mambo, bachata, zouk and kizomba. She is one of the best mambo dancer in CZ.  

Marian Grocky

Mario is one of the prime instructors in Czech Salsa Linea scene for 8 years now. He focuses on musical expression through extensive knowledge of leading techniques and combinations coming from both new and old (Afro-Cuban) roots of salsa and mambo.

His percussion and Djing background gives him an unique view on how to connect dance with music. He also runs a www.isalsa.cz, server to spread knowledge and awareness of Afro-Caribbean culture in Czech Republic.

Marcel Jurec

I learned with great dancers Prague (Ruben Peguero, Martina Anton, Mandy Valdés, Angelo Repilado, Monika Rebcová, Sofia and Carlos da Silva, Ivan Balogh). My perception and feeling of salsa is closer to Cuban style, although I tip hat to all great dancers. Over two years, together with Petra we act as a dance duo TANZA. I oneself devote fourth year to teaching and education of promising talents as well as hopeless non-talents. And, of course, I am a regular visitor of Prague's most salsoteques.  

Ludek Luzny
& Pavla Luzna

Who are we? We are Pavla and Ludek and we are crazy about dancing. To be more precise, we dance for very long time and we teach all possible and impossible kinds of dance. We both began by devoting us to the Latin & Standard dances, mainly the Standard ones. We were working on it for many years, reaching the level of international class. We were able to profit from strict daily training and cooperation with the best Czech and foreign trainers to achieve long-term apparition among the best Czech Standard dancers. In 2003, we found ourselves enchanted by Caribbean dances, mainly Salsa. After practicing Salsa in the role of dancers we started to teach it as well. Later on, we discovered Brazilian dance Zouk and we sank completely into the passion for it. We attended many Salsa and Zouk international congresses; we try to hand over our experience and knowledge to others in order to expand the base of Zouk and Salsa enthusiasts in Brno and all over the Czech republic.

Jones Santos Santana

Jones comes from Bahia, Brazil. He entered the world of dance when he was 7 when he had performances with his father in an international dance group OBA OBA. Since his 13 he learned dancing in dancing school in Brazil where he improved in his favorite dance styles: Afro Contemporary, Salsa, Samba and more. In his 18 he had an opportunity to work in Europe. He had short engagement in Spain and participated in many salsa congresses all over Europe.  

Sylvia Èáderová

She was born in Bratislava and has danced since childhood, when she learned basics of classic and folk dance. She began with salsa in 1991 in Slovakia in dance group „Latino Flash“ led by Miguel Mendéz, where danced for 7 years. Later she continued in group Tropical. She imporved salsa and other latinoamerican styles at dance festivals and workshops, or by visiting top dance clubs in Budapest, Wien and Roma. After she moved to Prague in 2003 she cooperated with dance group TRADICIÓN with preparation of new choreography and in 2004 she became their member. Since 2009 she is the manager of dance courses of the group Tradición and the deputy to main manager.  

Radka Havránková-Dlouhá

I have been dancing professionally for 5 years. Then I knew pair Salsa and Latino mix courses for women. At last I went to Zumba lesson and knew that was my choice.
I learn many other styles in courses and workshops and use them in my Zumba lessons.
I enjoy various dance styles, energy and people in Zumba. I also like Reggaeton, Bachata and Samba.

Certified courses:
Zumba Basic 1 by Daniela Èesneková (certificate)
Zumba Toning by Izabela Kin (certificate )
Zumba Aqua by Jaramir Cremes (certificate)
Bosu Core (certificate by Face Czech Academy)
Aqua AE (certificate by Face Czech Academy)





Dance group Tradición is the largest and longest working group in our country which focuses on traditional and exotic Latin dances such as Salsa (Cuba) or Samba (Brazil).
The group was founded in as early as 2002, connecting great dancers from Latin America and the best from the Czech Republic, which proves not only the permanent engagement at La Bodeguita del Medio and La Casa Argentina, but also many professional events.
Tradición has wide range of choreography in their repertoire, enriched authentic costumes straight from cradle carnival of Rio de Janeiro or the workshop of the world's most famous cabaret "Tropicana" in Havana.


Rio Dance Show apresenta a voces a beleza, o charme e o swing do Brasil.
Dance group formed in June 2009 in Prague - Czech Republic, by Brazilian friends in order to disseminate the culture, dance and the wonders of Brazil.
Specialize in dances of Latin rhythms, the group members have extensive professional experience as teachers and choreographers.
Having effective participation in big events across Europe and South America
Rio Dance Show presents to you the beauty, charm and swing from Brazil.


Bohemian Salsa Dance School was established in 2004 and focuses on teaching new Salsa and latin dancers. Teaching takes place in small groups and an emphasis is placed on the perception of music and dance in pairs. "Bohemian" in the name is not only "Czech" but also "bohemian", thus lively and full of energy. In the project Bohemian Salsa teachers are mainly teaching, but also perform with his choreographies and organize parties.


Dance group L-Divas is full of  passionate young people, mostly women, with wide repertoir of  dance styles (showdance, latin dance, sexy choreographies with sexy dancers).
Young talents from Czech Republic under leadership of Slovak teacher and with energy of dance will entertain everyone at the festival.


Boris Ivan Barreto

Boris Ivan comes from northern Peru and learned to dance Mariner since childhood. It is the tradition of his family. He won many national competitions. In addition to Mariner he dances also Tonder, Huaylash, Selva. He studied electrical engineering at the Technical University in Prague and now is one of the best latin DJs.


Osamino was born in Yemen, distant land full of music, dance and sun. Since childhood he is actively devoted to the local dances and music that is very popular there and accompany everyday life. In Bohemia Osamino graduated from high school. 6 years ago he began to actively dance salsa. He learned from the best salseros working in our country and also at foreign instructors as Eduardo MX, Papa Rumba, Augustine Williams, Francisco Vazquez, Jazzy, Angelo Ortiz and many others. He adds to Cuban salsa his style and elements of dance also from the modern style "on 1". Due to his tall figure he is an ideal partner for taller dancers and is known for gentleman leadership in the dance, which is so important in salsa.
Osamino is gifted with great sense of rhythm, which is given by musicality of his country and the environment from which he originates. His love for Latin music he has also applied for five years as one of the most popular and best Latin DJs in Prague.

El Komandante

DJ El Komandante, Komandante or simply Koman was born in Guatemala in Central America.
This part of Central America is surrounded by two world oceans, there are many beaches, people are full of temperament and the music is everything for them, therefore it is no surprise that he was born with a passion for music.
On the sandy beaches he used to hear Caribbean rhythms like salsa, merengue, bachata, ballenatos, reggaeton, but as well as hiphop, rap and artists such as Daddy Yankee, Don Omar and more.
His career of playing Latin American music began during his study in the Czech Republic where he first played at student parties (classmates supplied him with music from all corners of the world) and has played a short time later in Prague latino clubs. When he graduated at the Technical University in Prague (CVUT), he was already advancing to be well-known DJ of latino style, but in addition he can play even mix of RnB, house or commercial music.
DJ Komandante plays in all latin clubs such as Palanca (Tropison), La Rosa Negra, Rincón Latino. He performd latin rhythms on stages of best known Prague discos such as Óèko music club, Radost FX, Retro Music Hall, Sasazu, Chapeau Rouge, Lávka, PM Bar, Obèanská plovárna, Klub Kostel (Venue) and many other places. He played not only in Prague but also in Brno, Karlovy Vary, Olomouc and Slovakia. We must not forget also Reggae Ethnic Session 2010 and Festival Urbano 2010 and 2011.
Dj Komandante is considered one of the most top DJs Flow Latino in the Czech Republic.

DJ Mario

Dj Mario is known to play the very latest and best salsa, mambo and timba music as well as extremely rare collection gems from salsa dura era. You will love to hear music full of fascinating solos & jams, amazing vocals and ambient sound.

He spinned on number of international congresses and clubs in Czech Republic and abroad (Poland, Slovakia, Cabo Verde) and with world's best Djs: El Chino, David La Clave, Mauri, Mafie Zouker.

More at www.isalsa.cz

Ema Brunclikova

I was born on November 11, 1986, in Prague, the Czech Republic. I started to dance around the age of fifteen. I was a member of well-known dance groups, such as Tradición grupo de baile and Brasil Show. I have experiences from various dances: Lambada Zouk, Argentine Tango, Salsa, Samba, Bachata, Merengue, Pole dance, Fire show, Cabaret dance, Ballet, Modern dance. however, the dance of my heart is Zouk, which is my passion, addiction and obsession. I have performed at many different venues and events in the Czech Republic and abroad, for instance Monaco, Monte Carlo. As a dance instructor I have worked for Holmes Place fitness center and other dance schools in the Czech Republic and I also organize my own dance classes and workshops with international Zouk stars (Adilio Porto, Mafie Zouker).